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Geoffrey Watson B.Pharm, Cert. Vet Pharm, D.Ag.Vet.Pharm. Superintendent Pharmacist Registration .No 212644

Sam Bullock M.Pharm, Registration No 2072736

Registration of our company and pharmacists may be verified by clicking on the General Pharmaceutical Council green cross logo on the front page of our website.

Animal Health Advisors holding the AMTRA qualification

Ross Harrison Reg No QE.7571

Kristina Makepeace Reg No QE 8268

Darren Walton Reg No QE 8269

Ben Watson Reg No QE 7148

John Watson Reg No QR.11851

Joanne Winder Reg No QE 7146

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The clegal classification of veterinary products is as follows :-

Prescription Only Medicine – (POM-V) - supplied by Veterinarian only
Prescription Only Medicine – (POM-VPS) - supplied byVeterinarian, Pharmacist, SQP*
Non-Food Animal – (NFA-VPS) - supplied by Veterinarian, Pharmacist, SQP
Authorised Veterinary Medicine – (AVM-GSL) - General Sales List

*SQP refers to a Suitably Qualified Person who is registered with a body recognised under the VMR.

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If you wish to report an adverse reaction to an veterinary product please contact the Veterinary Medicines Directorate using the following link :-