A worm count is really a worm egg count (known as a faecal egg count). A small sample of dung is examined in the laboratory to find out how many worm eggs are present.

Low Medium or High?

For each horse on the result sheet there will be a number indicating the level of worm eggs found. The sign < means ‘less than’, so a result of <50 epg means that we could find no trace of worm eggs when the sample was tested. (epg means ‘eggs per gram’). If you are following a reduced worming programme you will not need to worm at this level.

NB. It is very common for a result to come back as <50 epg no eggs seen.

If the count is less than 150 epg then it is a LOW count and your worming measures are working. If you are following a reduced worming plan you may still want to delay the next dose at this level.

If the count is between 150 epg and 250 epg it is a MEDIUM count and the horse needs worming.

If the count is more than 250 epg it is a HIGH count, the horse needs worming and the worming programme needs attention.

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