ZYLKENE equine pack of 20

Zylk?ne Equine is an apple flavoured, easy to give powder. The contents of the sachet should be mixed with a small amount of food. The average daily intake required is 2 mg/kg and should be given once daily.

Zylk?ne Equine is available in boxes of 20 sachets.
Zylk?ne Equine can be used for both short and long term stress.

Short term stress

For anticipated stressful situations such as travelling or teeth rasping, Zylk?ne Equine is mixed into the
horse’s feed from two days prior to, and for the duration of, the stress.

Long term stress

For chronic ongoing behavioural problems, Zylk?ne Equine can be used on a continuous basis. The horse’s behaviour should be re-evaluated after a 20 day course, ideally with concurrent training and
behavioural therapy, and the daily intake modified if necessary. The period of use can be extended after
the first course if required.

Zylk?ne Equine 1000 mg
up to 500kg 1 sachet a day
over 500kg 2 sachets a day

Causes of stress in horses
Stress can be caused by many common situations including:
• prolonged confinement e.g. box rest
• a new environment
• new people or new horses
• weaning
• ‘breaking’ or training
• travelling
• clipping
• vet, farrier or dentist visits

Horses, like humans, experience apprehension and stress in certain situations. Some degree of stress is normal, however if stress becomes excessive it can lead to behavioural problems. Together with behavioural training, Zylk?ne Equine can help horses cope with challenging situations and facilitate
adaptation to change.

What is Zylk?ne Equine?

Zylk?ne Equine is a natural product that has been developed to help horses and ponies overcome difficult or stressful situations. Zylk?ne Equine favours rapid and smooth adaptation to changing situations. Zylk?ne has been proven to manage stress in dogs and cats and is widely used in small animal practice. Zylk?ne Equine contains -casozepine, derived from the milk protein casein. -casozepine causes partial agonism of GABA receptors1 which are involved in the regulation of emotional states. Zylk?ne Equine has not been associated with side effects such as sedation, disinhibition or memory loss at the recommended level of daily intake. Zylk?ne Equine is manufactured to human pharmaceutical standards (GMP) and is:
• hypoallergenic
• preservative free
• lactose free

Zylk?ne Equine:
• For first-line stress management
• Easy to give flavoured powder
• Once daily
• Not associated with sedation

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